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Villa Majella of Santa Barbara has been an operating nonprofit in the Santa Barbara area for 33 years. We have supported hundreds of women 18 years and over, in housing them through their pregnancies and up to 3 months after their babies are born. We continue to offer resources and support including pregnancy care, education, and guidance to women who choose to personally parent or lovingly select an adoptive home for their child. 

Villa Majella is a non-denominational organization, funded largely by local foundations and individual donations.

you are not alone. we are here. we care. we can help



1 thought on “About”

  1. Hello,

    I am pregnant and looking for a place to go. I can’t find your address on the website, maybe there is a reason for that. Could I speak with someone who might be able to help?
    My name is Meegan and I am looking for a maternity home. I feel that also having women around me who are going through a similar crisis will help with the process.


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