Tis the Season….

Maybe you have big plans for this holiday season, or maybe big ideas of how it should go. This year you are entering into the unknown, for you, and for baby.  The holiday season is going to be different than last year and all the year’s before.

The key principle for this holiday season might be “Easy Does It”!

There are always so many things to do: busy things,  fun things, enjoyable events, happy memories to create! But this year it might be okay to bring things down a bit. Here are some things to consider and some ideas of how it can still be a memorable, magical time.

Things to consider

  • Babies can get overwhelmed by too many changes in their routine and their surroundings.
  • Adults can get overwhelmed by trying to take on too much and also by trying to live up to other people’s expectations.
  • There are a lot of germs circulating out there, and lots of people sharing them.
  • Too many gifts will more than likely confuse rather than delight your little one. Don’t they always prefer the box it came in?

Some Ideas

  • Decide ahead of time which gatherings are the most important. It might be a good idea to limit yourselves to those that are the most meaningful to you. There will be a next year and the significant people in your life will understand.
  • Start some new traditions, all your own.  Invite some people in to decorate cookies, watch a favorite Christmas program or take a stroll or a ride  around the neighborhood to see the lights. Donate to a local toy drive in honor of your child.
  • Limit the gifts you buy for your baby/infant, a few will suffice.  As the toys pile up from friends and relatives, go ahead and put some away, to be brought out gradually over the next few months.
  • I found a great suggestion for nursing moms at friend/family gatherings. If you are able to find a private room to nurse in, grab a friend or relative who you haven’t seen for awhile and take them with you. It is a great time to relax,  catch up and you won’t feel so isolated from the gathering.
  • Keeping things simple during this season of hustle and bustle might feel wrong, but it may afford you the opportunity to really enjoy those magical moments  that become the fondest of memories.

A few words about safety…

  • Be sure to keep choking hazards such as bows, ribbon, wrapping paper and tinsel out of baby’s reach.
  • A little tree, out of reach of baby, might be better than a big tree full of irresistible decorations.
  • Asking people, especially children, to wash their hands before touching or holding baby is perfectly okay.

Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa,  or all three, here is hoping that your first winter holiday season with baby will be a pleasant, joyous and peaceful one!