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If you didn’t finish high school and you’re looking to better your financial future, getting a GED (General Educational Development) is a great option for you. You may not know all the benefits to receiving a GED certificate, which compels me to tell you why passing your GED exam will change your life.

  1. You Will Have Better Job Opportunities

You will be qualified for more job opportunities than a high school dropout. You can expect to get jobs in these areas: construction, office and administrative support, installation, maintenance and repair services, short order cook, cosmetologist, occupational therapist aide, physical therapist aide, retail salesperson or a travel agent. By passing your GED exam and also completing one year of vocational job training or license training, will allow you to enter into one of these positions.

  1. Better Your Chances of Furthering Your Education

If you’re interested in a college degree, getting a GED allows you better chances of getting accepted to a four-year accredited college, or a two-year associate program, which leads to even better job opportunities and financial earnings later in life.

  1. You Will Earn More Money

Those who have a GED certificate or a high school diploma, can expect to earn on average $2,400 a month or $28,800 a year, compared to high school dropouts who earn $2,100 a month or $25,200 a year.

  1. You Will Build Your Self-Confidence

You will gain more self-confidence, knowing you took big steps in investing in your future. Also, the GED is not an easy exam. When you pass the exam, you will feel a great sense of achievement. And receiving your GED certificate will also give you more confidence in applying for jobs you want, because your ability to get them are greater than someone who didn’t finish high school.


I know that testing can be difficult, and the process towards getting a GED can feel intimidating or stressful, however, just remember your life is important and you do deserve a chance at a brighter future for yourself and your family. You can get started right now with the resources provided below.

At Villa Majella, we do stand behind the GED program, as a positive education pathway for our residents.

Resources and Practice Questions

GED Testing Service


Free GED Practice Tests



GED Test Guide





GED Prep Classes

San Luis Obispo- http://ae.slcusd.org/ged

Santa Barbara- http://www.sbcc.edu/ce/ahs-ged.php

Ventura- http://www.vace.com/programs_adult_literacy.html

Los Angeles- http://college.lattc.edu/academicconnections/ged-pathways/